Our Products

Airtel Blackberry Wireless Enterprise Solution

  • Instant e-mail on the go.
  • Highly Secure.
  • Attachment Viewing.
  • Enterprise Applications.
  • Internet.

Airtel Data-Card

  • Get connected to the Internet anytime anywhere on the move! No need to worry about connecting your mobile phone via Bluetooth and Infrared to your Labtop. Simply insert the Airtel Data-Card into a Labtop to get instant access to the Internet.


Securing your life style with Technology



CCTV Surveillance and Monitoring :

  • A range of solutions to suit your security needs, stable and user friendly operations.

  • We offer not just unbeatable value for money but also an entensive range of customised applications and solutions.

  • Reliable and Versatile fixed lens CCD cameras.

  • For reliable protection and peace of mind a good security system is the one that does not leave you guessing. Shibi Networks answer your concerns with a full line of CCTV's range to suit your needs and life style.